I am a New York-based actor, singer, "strong mover." (No, but like, really). I care about storytelling, acting through song, and being versatile in different mediums. I also care about social justice, feminism, body inclusivity, loyalty and strength 💪

I'm Moriel.


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My first public performance was on the balcony of my grandparents' home in Istanbul, Turkey at age two (see adorable gif, if I do say so myself). My family relocated to Seattle, Washington, where I grew to be a proud coffee addict. Seattle is also home to the Seattle Children’s Theatre, where I took drama classes and performed for sixteen years beginning at age three. 

I am passionate about performing Shakespeare, Sondheim, gigantic silly children's theatre characters, and tap dancing. 

Outside of theatre, I enjoy running marathons and am a professional RRCA certified running coach. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, and listening to social justice and political podcasts on 2x speed (there are just too many good ones to get through!).



my first performance
at 2 years old

me running various marathons!

"What, you egg?" [He stabs him.]

william shakespeare